Bình xịt chống đọng nước mưa Baseus Rearview Mirror Rainproof Spray dùng cho kính chiếu hậu trên xe hơi

    Thương hiệu: BASEUS      Loại: Phụ kiện xe hơi     Mã hàng (SKU): LV552-BK
Giá tại Baseus Vietnam:  169,000₫
Giá thị trường : 229,000₫

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Product Description 

BASEUS 15ml + 50ml Rearview Mirror Rainproof Sprayer Agent Spray Bottle with Microfiber Cloth - Black
A rainproof sprayer designed specifically for motorists on rainy days. Safeguard rearview mirror from rain, ensure clear vision, driving safely in rainy days

Spray bottle and microfiber cloth 2 in 1

The bottle itself contains 15ml, which can be sprayed about 150 times

Also quipped with a 50ml replenishing liquid, a bottle of which can last for 3 years

Upgrading high pressure nozzles make a uniform spray and is not wasteful

Long-term rainproof makes driving safer


Material: plastic + microfiber

Capacity: 15ml

Cloth size: 160x90mm

Product size: 34mm in diameter, 125mm in length

Replenishing liquid capacity: 50ml

Applicable models: all automobiles


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